ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Next Gen. 2022

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Next Gen. is the world’s best antivirus or security software for Windows, IOS, Android, Mac. This security suite has a built-in firewall and web filter which scan all inbound and outbound content or file and neutralize them before they attack.


  1. Anti-Ransomware : ZoneAlarm Extreme Security provide enterprise-grade protection against Ransomware attack. This feature protect system from all type of malicious malware not to lock entire system or specific file.
  2. Real-Time Antivirus: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security connect to up to date cloud database of virus signature. It provide automatic protection and scan each and every file in the background so user does’t have to start manually.
  3. Advanced Firewall: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security has two two way firewall means its firewall protect against inbound and outbound attack.It also makes your system invisible to hackers.
  4. Web Filter: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security has built in Web filter and web monitoring. It scan every website you visit before contents are available or accessible. It does have web secure extension for chrome, edge and Firefox.
  5. Threat Emulation: This is a unique feature in ZoneAlarm to protect against zero day attack. All suspicious files are sent to a virtual sandbox where suspicious file examine and terminate if malware detects.

System requirements

Operating SystemMicrosoft Window 7, 10, 11
32 bit 3 GB RAM / 64 bit 4 GB RAM
2 GHz or Faster Processor
1.5 GB of available Hard disk space
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 3.5 or Later
iPhone Version iOS 11 or Later
iPad VersioniPadOS 11 or Later
Mac VersionMacOS 11 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip
Software Version3.2.1220
Zonealarm Extreme Security Next Zen System requirement


ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Next Gen offers complete defence against all types of threats(malware, virus, Trojan etc) before harms your computer. The two ways advanced firewall works great and scan each and every data packets to find any possible hidden malware. Like other anti-viruses, it doesn’t have built-in VPN but other than that it provide commercial grade protection and gives 30 days money back guarantee.

Source and photo credit: ZoneAlarm

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