Comparison of the top 3 paid and free VPN features and pricing side by side gives you an idea to buy a VPN that suits your needs. Trickandreviews explain to people some of the most important features so that people understand better and choose wisely. Some features are as below:

Double VPN Server : DoubleVPN is a advance feature in VPN. It let your traffic go through two VPN tunnel instead of one tunnel. Hence it provide double protection. DoubleVPN available only OpenUDP and OpenTCP connection.
Onion Over VPN Server : The Onion Router is a browser which send data through so many random servers to hide your identity but this browser don’t encrypt connection completely. In Onion over VPN, VPN encrypt connection from entry and keep it encrypted until final destination. Onion Over VPN never leak real IP address.
Obfuscated Server : This server is very helpful to bypass internet restrictions. If you using regular VPN, VPN hide your IP address but ISP ( Internet Service Provider) still know that you’re using VPN but obfuscate server in VPN change your data packet completely and change real IP address. With this feature, no one knows that you are using VPN.
Peer 2 Peer Server : VPN works great with uTorrent, bittorrent, vuze and other P2P platform.
No Log Policy: No Log Policy means VPN providers never keep any record of your browsing history.
Split Tunnel: VPN Split Tunnel lets you go through an encrypted tunnel to keep your IP address and data safe.
Kill Switch: Kill Switch protects against IP leaks during the internet disconnect and prevents DNS Leaks. Kill Switch block all incoming and outgoing traffic until you reconnect to the internet or disable this feature.