UltraVPN Review and Test

Is UltraVPN good for you?

UltraVPN is quick and provides a reliable connection to its customer. UltraVPN has 1000+ superfast servers in over 100 countries. UltraVPN claims to unblock Netflix and stream live events and games. UltraVPN App is available in all major platforms like IOS, Mac OS, Windows, Androids.

Nowadays, people who want to use VPN, also make sure these two things first Log and second Encryption. UltraVPN stands strongly and ensures to all his customer that UltraVPN never keep logs and use 256-Bit Strong Encryption. People also use VPN to bypass geo-restrictions to access certain websites like for games and live events. UltraVPN also unblocks US-Netflix. I read somewhere on the internet that only 38% of contents available on Netflix outside the USA, so this is the major reason, people want to see US-Netflix.

Firewall is a kind of Kill Switch in UltraVPN. It protects against IP Leaks during the internet disconnect and prevents DNS Leaks. Firewall blocks all incoming and outgoing traffic until you reconnect to the internet or disable the firewall. UltraVPN uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols and both protocols are safe to use on any servers. UltraVPN also supports P2P (Peer to Peer).

Trickandreviews Team tested UltraVPN on Netflix and Amazon. We have found that UltraVPN works exceptionally well on both streaming websites and Apps. Even if you have any issue to connect to Ultraflix US / UK or any other server than UltraVPN has Tutorials like connecting and checking the connection, Auto Connecting and Ultraflix US, the UK for its customer. These Tutorials are available for macOS, IOS, and Androids OS. These tutorials are available in customer account so the customer must log in to watch these.

Trickandreviews Team has tested UltraVPN in the USA, Canada, Indian locations. Speed was great at some locations, but some locations were little less speed like in the USA, Canada, speed reached 42-45Mbps.In Indian Location, speed was 40-45Mbps which is incredibly good especially you connected the P2P server.

UltraVPN speed check

UltraVPN Never keep Logs but UltraVPN collects and keeps some of your data like Email Address and OS Version, Device Type, and error message. They do it just to enhance user experience.

At Last, my conclusion is that UltraVPN is easy to use and work on both Netflix as well as Amazon Prime but if we compare it with other VPN, it does not have more features like split tunnels, Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, Dedicated IP, etc.

Data PlanUnlimited
Log PolicyNo
Military- Grade Encryption256-bit Strong Encryption
Firewall (kill switch)Yes
Other FeatureUDP, TCP, IKEv2, P2P
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Connected Devices3
Live Support/ChatYes
Compatible DevicesIOS, macOS, Window, Android, Firetv, Chrome Extension
UltraVPN Specification
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