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An antivirus is a software that can detect and protect your computer from various types of viruses. The software runs in the background and scans webpages, files,and computer programs to monitor their behaviors. If it detects anything suspicious during those scans, it provides the option to either quarantine the issue, fixes it or removes it entirely. This is why a premium antivirus is always recommended to keep your devices protected and secure.

TotalAV Review

TotalAV is award-winning and exceptionally reliable antivirus software that can protect your computer from malware, spyware, ransomware and any other online threat. TotalAV has a free version that you can try, but it offers limited functions in contrast to the premium version. The free version is ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to pay or can’t afford to pay for a premium version but would like to check if their pc is infected by malicious programs. For those who’d like to get the full security package along with extra fancy features (password vault, VPN etc) the premium version, Antivirus Pro, is more suitable. The premium version is currently offered at a huge discounted rate for the first year of your subscription with only $19 from the original $99 annual price. TotalAV has 3 different options for premium antivirus software to best fit your needs. Comparison of those options:

  • Ransomware Protection: This type of malware encrypts some of your important files and in some cases locks the entire computer system demanding ransom in order to allow you to access the files again. It is also called crypto virology. Especially for people that are working from their homes these days, this malware can cause unfathomable damage.
  • Virus, Trojan, Malware Protection: Online viruses have the ability to make changes in your computer, damage important files and in some cases make your device completely unresponsive. TotalAV can trace the virus before entering your device and stop the attack early on. On the free version, the user has to manually run the scans on their pc whereas on the premium version the user can schedule scanning weekly, monthly, fortnightly and they benefit from the Real-Time Protection.
  • Adware & Spyware Protection: This kind of malware steals your personal information like login details, social media passwords, credit card details etc.
  • Block Phishing URLs: Fraudsters send phishing URLs (usually via email but they are getting smarter) or create phishing websites identical to popular websites in order to trick the users and provide their logins.
  • Real-Time Protection: This feature provides automatic protection for every minute you spend online without having to wait for scans. This feature checks computer system files for suspicious activity while you are performing any action. When this feature detects any virus/malware, it quarantines that file for repair or it cannot be repaired, then the system removes it permanently.
  • Disk Cleanup: This feature cleans up extra space occurred by unwanted or unnecessary files. It helps your device run faster.
  • System Tune-up: This feature prepares your device for optimal use. It identifies and shorts out junk and duplicate files and cleans your browsers from spying cookies. System tune-up can boost your operating system and help devices that are running slow.
  • Web Shield: This feature offers warnings when you are about to enter malicious websites and protects you from being tricked.
  • VPN: VPN means Virtual Private Network. This feature encrypts your network so that you can access any website and by-pass geological restrictions (ie. Netflix, any region). Also changes your IP address and masks your real location. TotalAV’s VPN provides a basic protection and it doesn’t include Double VPN, Split Tunnels, P2P.
  • Ad Blocker: This feature blocks annoying and intrusive ads from popping all over your screen when you navigate online. TotalAV provides extensions for this option on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  • Secure Password Vault: The vault stores all your passwords in one place securely and privately. Users can use password vault as an extension on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browser. Secure password vault provides random, auto-fill options for users when they need to submit new passwords and then keeps them memorised just for the users, without them having to type again or worry about leaks.

To sum up, TotalAV is a complete and enhanced security package for customers that want to protect their devices as much as their personal identities online. It protects, secures and boosts a device’s system and respects their user’s privacy. Try it and let us know what you think.

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