Surfshark review and test

Is Surfshark worth to buy?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. VPN established encryption and secure connection or create a secure tunnel in between your computer and server. Nobody can see user data, not even ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the government. VPN hides your IP (Internet Protocol) address or it changes to a different location. Most of the VPNs, Nowadays, equipped with so many features like access streaming websites and no ad tracker, etc.

Surfshark is one of the most reliable VPN providers in the world. Surfshark is equipped with all the new features. Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Island. Surfshark does have over 1700 servers and in 63 countries.

Surfshark hides your IP address or its changes to a different location. It gives some options in encryption level and secure protocols like AES-256, IkEV2, OpenVPN, and shadow stacks. Surfshark does not keep your data logs but it still keeps some data like Operation System, Email Address, Device Type. Just to enhance user experience. Users can add unlimited devices to the Surfshark account. Surfshark does have private and leak protection feature to protect IP address leaks. Some of the main features are as follows:

P2P (Peer 2 Peer): Surfshark works great with u Torrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, and other P2P platforms. The maximum Downloading Speed on P2P is 63Mbps and this feature also has Kill Switch.

Multihop: Multihop is also called Double VPN. in this feature VPN use two different servers and these two servers located in two different countries. This feature provides an extra layer of security but in some cases, downloading speed less.

Downloading Speed in MultiHop
Surfshark multihop

Cleanweb: Surfshark block all ads and other tracker.

Kill Switch: Kill Switch protects against IP leaks during the internet disconnect and prevents DNS Leaks. Kill Switch block all incoming and outgoing traffic until you reconnect to the internet or disable this feature.

Surfshark Kill Switch

Camoulage Mode: Camouflage mode makes your IP address invisible from your ISP and government.

No Borders Mode: No Borders mode unblock all the websites for everyone or unblock geo-restrictions. For example, user live in one country, can access the streaming website of another country

Smart DNS: Smart DNS gives you an option of manual DNS set-up on devices that don’t support VPN Apps like PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, and Smart TV Once it activated, it gives you two DNS IP addresses and also the same screen, there are some tutorials for different devices but Smart DNS does not give the same privacy and security as in VPN.

Blind Search: Blind Search is a premium feature and not available in the free trial. Blind Search is very helpful where you don’t want to show your browsing history to anyone and ISP can’t see your VPN connection.

Surfshark BlindSearch

Hacklock: HackLock is also a premium feature and not available in the free trial. HackLock alerts you when your email and passwords are at more risk of being hacked.

Surfshark HackLock

ShadowSocks Protocols: ShadowSocks is an encrypted proxy. When you using this feature on your browser and it is impossible to detect and block it. It is mainly used by Chinese people to bypass the great firewall restriction.

The Trickandreviews team tested Surfshark on Netflix and Amazon. We have found that Surfshark works exceptionally well on Netflix but amazon prime detects Surfshark.

Surfshark Amazon Test

At Last, my conclusion is that Surfshark is easy to use. This is the only VPN in the world that gives you an opportunity to add unlimited devices. Surfshark has all the new and most important features like Double VPN, Camouflage Mode, Kill Switch, and P2P.

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