PureVPN Review 2022

Is PureVPN really as good as NordVPN

PureVPN is in this business last 15 years. PureVPN built by two graduate name Uzair and Aaqib. This VPN has 1 month, 1 year and 2 years plan. User can add up to 6 devices into the account.

Connection Protocol

  • IKEV2 : IKEV2 stands for Internet Key Exchange Version 2. IKEV2 automatic generates encryption key and provide safe data flow between device and VPN. This Protocol provide stability and strong connection.
  • TCP : TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. This protocol is more reliable, secure and faster.
  • UDP: UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol. This protocol is faster but less reliable.
  • IPSec: IPSec stands for Internet Protocol Security. IPSec encrypt data packets before transmission. It is more stable and provide site to site secure connectivity.
PureVPN Dashboard
PureVPN speed test


  • Kill Switch: Kill Switch protect against IP leaks during sudden internet connection drop or disconnect and prevent DNS leaks. Kill switch block all incoming and outgoing traffic until connection restore.
  • Split Tunnel : With this feature, user can access local and overseas content. This feature don’t drop internet connection and speed. Route internet traffic between ISP connection and PureVPN.
  • VPN on demand: This feature automatic turn on VPN when user enter pre-defined domain name in browser.
  • Peer 2 Peer VPN : PureVPN works great with torrent and bit torrent or file sharing services.
  • Premium Add-ON :
    1. Dedicated IP : User can get personal Internet Protocol and Security never compromised with this Add-on.
    2. Port forwarding : This add on gives an option to access device or service anywhere in this world securely.
    3. DDos Protection : This add on is capable of identifying and stopping the DDos attack.
  • Business VPN : PureVPN offers business VPN and allow team to access file, network and servers anytime from anywhere.
  • IPv6 and Web RTC leaks protection
  • PureVPN has 6500 servers available in 78 countries.
  • PureVPN follow no log policy.
  • PureVPN apps available in Window, iPhone, iPad, Android and browser extension available in chrome, firefox, linux, edge.
PureVPN access to Netflix
Amazon detects PureVPN
Hotstar detects PureVPN

Trickandreviews tested PureVPN on Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar but PureVPN works okay on Netflix but Amazon and Hotstar detect PureVPN.

PureVPN checkout page

As we can see here on the checkout page, the Customer can add a premium add-on to the checkout page and For a 2-year plan, the customer has to pay $47.76.


According to the Trickandreviews team, PureVPN is good for NetFlix and browsing but to access Amazon Prime and Hotstar content, both are detected PureVPN. Customers who want to stream online should use a trial first, and also PureVPN offers 31 days money-back guarantee.

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