Hotspot Shield Review

Free and premium VPN service

Rating: 4 out of 5.

HotspotShield is one of those VPN service providers who provide basic as well as premium service. HotspotShield technology provides a private and secure connection. In this blog, I tell people that is HotspotShield safe to use with a basic plan or people should buy a premium plan. Some of the good features are as follow:

  1. Hide your IP address
  2. Malware protection
  3. Encrypt connection
  4. Private web browsing

HotspotShield available apps

  1. Windows
  2. Macintosh
  3. IOS 
  4. Android
  5. Chrome

Basic plan vs Premium plan

HotspotShield VPN only VPN gives people to use either basic or premium plan. There are a lot of differences between basic and premium plans. Connection speed in basic is just slow or 1x  But in premium plan speed would be 4 times faster compared to the basic plan. You can plan HD (High Definition) video in the premium plan but play only SD (standard definition). 

There are 70 plus locations in the premium plan but only one location available in the basic plan. Customers can connect up to 5 devices in a premium plan but only one device in a basic plan. But both plans Include with encrypted connection as well as block phishing websites.

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  1. Premium plan: $12.99 per month and $107.64 per year
  2. Basic plan: $0 per month

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